Mixed Use

We have a number of residential/mixed-use projects in the UK, including the remodelling of people’s homes. Creating homes is one of society’s greatest challenges, and we are committed to bringing a holistic approach to the placing and integration of a scheme.




A personal and high-quality service, to respect the natural and built environment and those within it, and leave it a better place.


This type of development presents its own specific challenges in adapting to climate change and low carbon living, protecting the ecosystem and natural resources.

Forecourt Architecture

Enticing motorists onto the site, creating a better customer experience and inspiring brand loyalty. With a focus on sustainable development, to create a consistent, cost-effective and profitable brand experience across the forecourt.

One-stop design and management service is optimized for each area of the intricate process of designing and re-imaging a petrol station, from planning site layout to 3D structural design and decoration of forecourt elements. Aspiring to projects at all levels, from acquisitions, refurbishments, new build and extensions of existing sites to flagship prototype sites, research and development.


Adcock Associates have carried out the design and management of construction work to the Retail Petroleum Industry over 30 years with Technical Services to the Oil Company Majors. Whilst predominantly working in the UK, design services have been completed in Russia, France, Germany, Spain,  Africa and Sri Lanka.


A great opportunity exists during the design stage and particularly when developing a new network, to communicate environmental awareness.

The need for strong environmental performance has always been a requirement in the design and build process but increased public awareness and new regulations in recent years have brought green building into sharp focus.


Whilst sustainability is about the future for today's industries and businesses it is also about commercial success. The imperative to transform businesses to respect environmental limits while fulfilling social wants and needs has created an unprecedented platform for innovation on strategy, design, manufacturing and brand, offering huge opportunities to complete and adapt to a rapidly evolving society.

Unique and inspiring brand identities that are as eye-catching on as off the road. 

Primary identity elements of a petrol station design include the symbol, the colours, and the name whilst the most visible elements that dictate the identity within the roadside environment is the building design.

Advancing the c-store format is an important aspect of our work and we continue to explore new and sustainable architectural treatments and ways to enhance the commercial potential of the c-store through sensitive design and co-ordination with the building team.